We make notebooks and other useful items by using old books discarded by libraries. Whenever possible, we also try to use recycled paper for the pages inside the notebooks.

Tartuensis Classic

Tartuensis Classic notebooks, made from old book covers.

Tartuensis Classic notebooks, made from old book covers.

Tartuensis Classic is a classic in our notebook series. It has taken months of experimenting to be able to fit a set of new pages inside old covers seamlessly. When you pick up a Tartuensis Classic notebook, it feels and behaves exactly like a book. In fact too much so — at design fairs we literally have to hang up a banner saying “These are not second-hand books!”. And then there’s the story of a customer who lost his notebook in a bookshelf. Can happen.

After perfecting the production process, which is a mixture of modern and ancient presses and a hefty dose of craftsmanship, we started stockpiling covers. Today we have literally thousands to choose from — different languages, colours, genres and topics (when getting one of these for a gift to someone, our customers often like to specify the topic). Feel free to browse our current listings in our Etsy shop or Facebook gallery. If you still can’t find exactly what you’re looking for, drop us a line and we’ll get back to you with pictures to choose from.


Tartuensis College


Spiral bound Tartuensis College notebook

Everything we said up there about our Classic notebooks is also true for the College series. What sets them apart is the binding: Colleges use spiral binding (the technical name is Wire-O) and thus open nice and flat for taking notes. Like at college…

As with Classics, the choice of covers is close to infinite and you can start from our Etsy shop by browsing our Facebook gallery.






Cinderella — from (ink cleaning) rags to riches

Cinderella is a classic fairy tale of going from rags to riches. Godmothers were involved.

For our Cinderella notebooks there are no godmothers or magic wands, but we literally do use old rags. These we use to clean printing ink at the Studio and at the end of the day we hang them out to dry. The rags are soaked with inks of various colours and are a pretty sight on the background of our white studio walls. As with everything pretty we see, the first thing that came to our mind when looking at them was “can we make notebooks of of them”. It turns out we can and the result is a hardbound notebook with a colour pattern like no other. Guaranteed.

By the way — if you are wondering why we hang the rags out to dry instead of simply discarding them, then there are two words: spontaneous combustion. Printing is a fire hazard, I kid you not.

Expanding Universe

"Expanding Universe" — a large format paperback notebook.

“Expanding Universe” — a large format paperback notebook.

Another great way to use up leftover printing ink is making colourful patterns using a combined technique on monotyping and copious amounts of turpentine. When done just right, the patterns thus created resemble those  you might see coming from NASA. Like the on here on the left.

What is left to do is to insert about 80 pages of recycled pages and bind it into a large format softcover notebook: the Expanding Universe.

Pocket Universe


Hardcover notebook “Pocket Universe” fits in your pocket

When the above galaxies make your head spin, then worry not. We have the universe packed into a pocket version for those who like their world to fit in a pocket, or a handbag.

To hold all those black holes firmly in place, Pocket Unviverse is bound in hard covers. Check them put in our Etsy shop.

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