Studio Tartuensis is more than an art studio, it is also a workshop, a training centre and museum dedicated to letterset printing, classical intaglio techniques and creative exploration into print media in general.

By being both a memory institution and a studio, we have developed into hotbed of brilliant people and ideas. What makes our approach unique, is that we do not lock away our machines but try to offer visitors and artists ways to use them to create something new. This is — we believe — where all innovation is grounded, in the combination of cultural heritage and open access. Thus the studio acts as a hub, drawing creative persons of many ages and locations.

While Tartuensis notebooks are the tangible product of the studio, our daily activities revolve around workshops for schoolchildren, in-depth printmaking courses for art students and studio services for both local and residing artists. Interested? Do check out our residency page for more details about possibilities of doing a creative residency here.

All in all your purchases will support not only research into printing history, but the development of new values based on that legacy. Thank you for your support!

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