Studio Tartuensis is a mix of employees, volunteers, visiting artists and felines. Inside our notebooks and products you will find a small leaflet with the name or sigature of the person who made it. You are most welcome to send him/her/it feedback or maybe request a custom item (we like challenges)!

You can reach any of our team members by emailing!

Agnieszka Kunz

Agnieszka Kunz, production manager

Fatima Ortiz

Fatima Ortiz, volunteer

Johannes Gutenberg

Johannes Gutenberg, manager cat

Jörgen Loot

Jörgen Loot, letterpress printer


Kati Seeme, administrator

Mana Kaasik, general manager






Lemmit Kaplinski, founder


Kiur Kaasik, sales representative


Joanne Mari Lelle, volunteer

Joanna Dobosz, specialist

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